Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Chapter 29

I know my posts are filled with negativity lately. My head aches so I'm gonna have Panadol later, just let me doodling something here. Btw, my headache is becoming more frequent recently Ya Allah what happened to me. My eyes hurt since I was like crying my eyeballs out every night with no absolute reason. Maybe it is worsened by PMS, I don't know, it might be. Someone please calm me down and tell me everything will be okay, please please pleaseee. I'm very tired every day thinking about the same damn clinical requirement especially Paeds and Prostho whereby in the end of the day will only leave me sighing and complaining again and again. Ya ampun, this is only duniawi stuff Amalia, Ustazah always reminded us about these damn stupid things only make us lost in chasing dunia, while not realizing that we're leaving out akhirawi. Nauzubillah. Yup I know our future depends on this clinical requirement, but I don't have to stress myself out too much, crying there and here alone, sometimes I'm afraid that I might get depression from this, ya Allah, oi Amalia, Allah already wrote the best story for you. You just have to follow the path, by hook or by crook, finish the requirements as best as you can, accept whatever Allah will give to you, indeed Allah knows best in everything. If I don't get what I want, it is the best thing for me, and the much muchhh muchhhhh better thing is awaiting for me.

Keep patient, keep the head up, keep smiling, restrain yourself from taking painkiller, and most importantly don't give up dear self!

243 days to go! You still have a lot of time :) Hopefully...

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